Viridi identifies and addresses the needs for the change to a climate neutral solution. The solutions needed and offer range from renewable electric energy generation over storage and conversion into other energy carriers to decarbonization of the electricity sector and industry.


Photovoltaic solar installations provide a unique solution for both on and off grid applications.

This way of generating electricity not only depends the abundant and renewable source of solar energy, but also reduces the world’s dependency on fossil fuels, greatly reducing the world’s carbon emissions.

Hydrid systems

Hybrid systems combine different energy generation and storage technologies. The combination can consist of fossil and renewable power plants or an energy storage systems to reduce the CO2 emissions of an existing fossil system.

By combining different systems for generation, lower generation costs can also be achieved.



Hydrogen is a key energy carrier to reach the climate goals, expecially in hard to decarbonise industries like steel manufacturing, refineries, fertilizer production and mobility. Hydrogen in the mid term can completely substitute fossile energy sources like coal and natural gas.

Green hydrogen is produced from renewable energy sources via eletrolysers. The electrolysers can be alkaline, PEM or SOEC.

Storage systems

A storage device like a electrochemical battery, a thermal storage compartment or pressure difference based systems can be used to store energy produced by the renewable energy generation facilities in order to match the demand profile of the costumers like industry and households.